Red Quill Soft Hackle – Blue Wing Olive
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Red Quill Soft Hackle

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Red Quill Soft Hackle

Hendrickson season here on the east coast. As I have found, trout do not always go for the adults on the surface especially early in the season and emerging patterns are more effective. I like to cast down stream, just below the surface. A tip I received was to grease up the fly with floatant like a dry fly as fish become more active and begin to target the surface. Get out there!

Hook: BWO 3769, Tiemco TMC 3769 or Mustad 3906B Size 14-16

Thread: 6/0 or 8/0 rusty brown. I used Danvillle 6/0 "$3 Dip" rusty brown

Body:  D's Flyes Quill Body, #6 Red Quill. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails

Thorax: Hare's Ear dubbing

Hackle: Partridge flank