Streamer Flies – Blue Wing Olive
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Streamer Flies

If you are looking for a way to catch big and aggressive fish, you might want to try streamer fishing. Streamer fishing is a method of fly fishing using a submerged fly called a streamer. A streamer is a fly that imitates a baitfish, such as a minnow, shad, or crayfish. Streamers are usually larger and heavier than other flies, and they are fished with an active retrieve, meaning that you strip in line to make the fly move in the water.

Streamer fishing can be very exciting and rewarding, as it can trigger violent strikes from fish that are not actively feeding, but react instinctively to the movement and appearance of the streamer. Streamer fishing can also help you cover more water in less time, as you can cast and retrieve the fly across different depths and currents.