March Brown Soft Hackle – Blue Wing Olive
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March Brown Soft Hackle

March Brown Soft Hackle

I am a big fan of soft hackle flies and one of my favorite books is Dave Hughes' Wet Flies. This book is absolutely essential for every fly tyer's library. The name is a misnomer. Here on the East Coast US, hatches are in May. Never a blanket hatch, March Brown's tend to hatch sporadically throughout the day. Simple pattern to tie - try adding some light brown CDC tied in after the hackle for a March Brown emerger. 

Hook: BWO 100, Tiemco TMC 100 or Mustad 94840 Size 10-16

Thread: Danville 6/0 Flymaster orange. .

Body:  Natural hares mask dubbing

Rib: Danville Size 14 Gold Oval Tinsel

Hackle: Natural partridge