Bead Head Gold-ribbed Alpaca Nymph – Blue Wing Olive
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Bead Head Gold-ribbed Alpaca Nymph

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Bead Head Gold-ribbed Alpaca Nymph

Shearing season is on at the local Alpaca farm.  They were nice enough to give me some samples to experiment with my tying. I got nice assortment of red, natural beige, white and black from a juvenile Alpaca's first shearing. Alpaca from juvenile are very fine, follow fiber - could be ideal dry fly dubbing. Today I started with the beige natural Alpaca fiber from an adult. It has very long fibers that dubbing beautifully. Perfect substitute for hare's mask of Aussie possum. 

I decided tie my variation of the Gold-ribbed hares ear nymph. My daughter would be happy that Alpaca is a cruel-free alternative to the hare's mask. No alpacas were harmed in the making of this nymph! I will be adding this to the store soon. 

Hook: BWO 3769, Tiemco TMC 3769 or Mustad 3906B Size 12

Bead: BWO 3.2 mm gold tungsten

Thread: Uni 8/0 Black

Tail: Medium Coq de Leon

Body:  Natural alpaca dubbing

Rib: Danville Size 14 Gold Oval Tinsel