Dr. Slick Nippers - Straight and Offset – Blue Wing Olive
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Dr. Slick Nippers - Straight and Offset

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Nippers are one of the most heavily used and critical tools for your vest or bag. Designed for snipping tippet tag ends, clipping off flies, cutting leader material, cleaning hook eyes, sharpening hooks, or tying nail knots, these nippers are the workhorses of the fishing world. All nippers are 2” and have super sharp blades, an industrial-strength hook eye cleaning pin, and a built-in hook file. Knot-tying models have an easy-to-use nail knot tube attached. 

Comes with the traditional straight blade face or offset or slanted blade face. Offset is designed to work in tight to flies and snip tag ends of tippet without cutting hackles or materials.

  • Straight or Offset
  • Black or Silver 
  • 2 Inches
  • Hook-eye cleaning pin