Flyagra Fly Floatant – Blue Wing Olive
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Flyagra Fly Floatant

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Fly Agra Dry Fly Floatant by Yellowstone Fly Goods is the hottest fly-floatant/dry fly treatment to hit the market in years!! Yellowstone Fly Goods popular new "Fly Agra" keeps your flies riding high and dry for hours on end. Excellent when used as a pre-treatment, and good for rejuvenating a fly's floatability while on stream too. Simply dip your fly into Fly Agra's convenient wide-mouthed bottle-top, remove and let briefly dry, and your fly gets up and stays that way all day long. (2 fl oz) "If your fly stays up for more than four hours please see your local fly shop".

  • Fly Floatant
  • Dip and let dry
  • Keeps flies up all day
  • Bottle Size: 2 oz