New Zealand Four Color Wool Yarn Dispenser – Blue Wing Olive
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New Zealand Four Color Wool Yarn Dispenser

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Convenient 4 color dispenser.
  • Lots of Indicator Yarn - 3 Feet of Each Color - Twelve Feet In Total
  • Yarn is Custom Spun - One Strand for "Regular Tubing"
  • Yarn is Custom Spun - Two Strands for "X-Large Tubing"
  • Innovative Design - Dispenser is The Perfect Shape and Size for Using On The River
  • Highest Quality Dispenser - Dispenser is the Highest Quality and Can Be Easily Refilled
  • Designed for Fly Anglers - Fits Perfectly Into Vest, Pocket or Pack - Won't Crush or Deform
  • Convenient - Easy To Carry - Easy To Use
  • Perfect Colors - We Custom Dye Our New Zealand Strike Indicator Wool Yarn - The Best Four Colors
  • Made From 100% Pure, Natural and Bio-Degradable New Zealand Wool!