Red Quill Dry Fly, 6-Pack – Blue Wing Olive
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Red Quill Dry Fly, 6-Pack

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The red quill dry fly is a classic and effective pattern for imitating the mayfly hatches of the spring and summer. It was created by Art Flick to match the Hendrickson dun, a common mayfly in the eastern US. The red quill has a slim, tapered body made from stripped hackle quills, a mallard duck flank feather wing, and a brown hackle that gives it a realistic silhouette on the water. The red quill is a versatile and durable fly that can be tied in different sizes and colors to match the local hatch. The red quill is a fly that has stood the test of time and will continue to catch trout for generations to come.

  • Stripped quill body
  • Mallard duck feather wings
  • Brown hackle
  • 6 flies per pack