Solarez High Output UV Flashlight “Resinator” Kit – Blue Wing Olive
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Solarez High Output UV Flashlight “Resinator” Kit

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Newest technology SMD ultra high output flashlight. Cures Solarez resin with the correct wavelength. Typically cures Solarez resin in 30 seconds or less. To reduce resin shrinkage and yellowing you can attenuate the light by moving the flashlight on and off the project.  Comes complete with two rechargeable 1500mAh ROEN Lithium Ion batteries and a digital battery charger, good for hours of high-intensity light and hundreds of re-charges. The charger will light red when charging and turn off when the charge is complete.

The “Resinator” is a kit with a flashlight, two 3.7V 1500mAh 18650 Lithium Ion batteries, and a charger. The “High-Output” Torch is in fact, the same torch that is in the Resinator kit. It has a very strong 2.5” diameter beam.

The torch functions VERY well but the rechargeability and power and pulse function of the largest one makes it a great torch. ALL 3 LED torches utilize the same SMD chip technology and are an incredible buy of technology that we have in our time. Like smartphones, one of the really great little bits of affordable technology we have.